Topsoil is the layer of soil on the surface of the ground. This dark brown soil is the rich, organic material of the land used in the development of roots, turf or any type of plant. Depending on the type of terrain, we recommend a soil thickness of between 4 to 6 inches (100 to 150 millimeters). In order to obtain a good topsoil, we proceed by sieving the earth with a specialized sieve. The importance of properly sifting the soil is that it allows you to remove any organic waste that may be found in it (eg turf, branches, rocks, etc.).

This kind of work is our speciality, since we have all the necessary equipment and the skills required for the delivery, installation and sale of bulk subsoil. Whether it’s following an excavation or just to beautify your landscaping, contact us now. We will take care of everything, you can count on us.


We are not just a company offering a rental service of digging and excavating machinery. Vallex can offer you a turnkey project service that meet your needs perfectly. Our team of specialists can design a project from scratch. Our turnkey projects are based on each and every specific requests from the client.

We also provide the peace of mind that is so much sought after in any development project while ensuring a well-organized on-site work. For example, an excavation project is an on-site job, but when we need another skilled team, we can contact the right subcontractors from different domains to complete your project.


Vallex has a fairly diversified truck fleet; our delivery service is carried out by heavy dump trucks of various sizes (6 wheels, 10 wheels, 12 wheels and semitrailer). This allows us to meet your needs, depending of the quantities you need. We can also deliver a wide range of loose materials such as compaction sand, filling sand, gravel of all kinds (granular material, clean gravel of all types), stone dust, topsoil or filling soil.

With competitive prices, only a call is enough to get an appointment with our team of experts. We will measure the right quantities needed for your project, as well as providing you with delivery date that is more than excellent. We serve a large territory including Mascouche, Terrebonne, Laval, Montreal and more. Competitive prices and unbeatable service will make your work a success.


Vallex is constantly developing its expertise and is looking for new employees that wants to work in a dynamic team and a family atmosphere. Excavation is a job directly related to heavy machinery and in our domain, “heavy machinery” means passion. If you are one of those passionate, apply online now!