Sewer and water connection service

Vallex Excavation has carried out hundreds of sewer and water connections over the past 15 years, mainly in Laval, Terrebonne, Repentigny, Rawdon, as well as in several towns in the Lanaudière and Laurentides regions;

Do business with professionals who have all the equipment, machinery and expertise needed to carry out your water connection, sewer connection and water-cutting work, no matter how deep or complex the project.

Several factors will influence the cost of a water and sewer connection: the depth of the services to be connected, the city where the work is to be carried out, and the size of the road or boulevard that will require complete and/or partial closure during the work.

Most of the time, the replacement of a private water inlet is caused by wear and tear, municipal regulations for new construction or major renovation, or the presence of lead in the water. Many service entrances built before 1970 are made of lead, which dissolves over time. Otherwise, it’s possible that the water connection or inlet pipes have been damaged by frost, roots, rust or subsidence.

The homeowner is responsible for his or her water service entrance and sewer connection from inside the house to the property line and municipal services.

Municipalities have their own regulations governing public works. Some cities require special permits, while others provide materials such as PVC and copper pipes. It’s essential to plan sewer connection work with your municipality, and we’re here to help.

Sewer and aqueduct

At Vallex Excavation, we carry out all types of work related to sewer, waterworks and water inlets: repair of damaged pipes, replacement of retention basins, installation of water mains, connection of municipal water mains, water cutting and much more.

Excavation pour égout et aqueduc
Réparation d'urgence réalisé par Vallex excavation

Emergency repair

In the event of a sewer backup or a water leak in an aqueduct, Vallex Excavation moves quickly for emergency repairs in the greater Montreal area and the North Shore: Mascouche, Terrebonne, Laval as well as Lanaudière and the Laurentians. We cover both the municipal and private sides of your storm and sanitary pipes.

  • Sewer and water backups
  • Municipal service entrance
  • Storm and sanitary water pipes
  • Sump and water system

Sewer and rainwater connection

Vallex Excavation handles the excavation and installation of your water pipes, whether for the connection of a new construction or the repair of a water inlet in an existing building. Connecting municipal services has never been so quick and easy!

  • Water inlet connection (water shut-off)
  • Sewer connection
  • Sanitary and storm services connection
  • Water retention basin
  • Reverse connection
  • Ditch discharge
  • Aqueduct network
  • Pressure connections
  • Sump and manhole
  • Storm manhole
  • Culvert
Excavation fait par une entreprise d'excavation professionnel

All you need to know about water and sewer connections

At Vallex, we offer complete sewer and water connection services for residential and commercial projects. Whether you need new installations or repairs, our qualified team is ready to respond quickly and efficiently.

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