Septic tank and drainfield installation

Whether you’re installing a septic system for a new building, upgrading your existing installations or even completely replacing your septic tank and drainfield, Vallex Excavation is with you from planning to completion;

Several steps are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of your sanitary system. Call us to plan your project or to determine the best system for your land and needs.

There are many factors to consider when choosing your sanitary system. The size of your lot, the water table, the number of rooms in the building, the presence of a well, municipal regulations and the permeability of the soil will all determine the size of your drainfield and whether you need one or more septic tanks.

There is no expiration date on a septic tank or drainfield. Your system will perform
adequately on average between 20 and 35 years. In general, when the septic field is clogged, saturated or plugged, bad odors will invade your property and your home. You may experience water backups in your toilets, showers and sinks. Don’t wait, and get in touch with an expert as soon as possible.

Depending on the characteristics of your site, and if space is too limited, it may be possible to install a septic tank without a drainfield. Here are the different types of sanitary systems :

  1. The primary septic system with a standard tank and drain field is ideal for large lots with lots of space and is often the least expensive solution;
  2. An advanced secondary septic system with two tanks makes it possible to install a smaller leaching bed.
  3. The tierce septic system with two tanks and a UV lamp offers the option of not installing a leaching bed. This system is, however, the most expensive.

Yes, if your land is made up of several trees, you’ll need to have a minimum margin of 2 metres without trees around the drainfield. It is also forbidden to install a leaching bed less than 5 metres from a building, 30 metres from a well, 15 metres from a sealed well or if there has already been a leaching bed in the same location in the past..

Septic tank and drain field

A properly insulated septic system is essential to the proper operation of a building. Where there is no municipal sewer infrastructure, a proper septic tank and drainfield are mandatory. Vallex Excavation offers a turnkey service for all your septic installation needs.

  • Residential or commercial septic systems
  • Septic tanks certified by Écoflo, Bionest, Enviro-Septic and Hydro-Kinectic
  • Tanks and basins starting at 750 gallons (3 rooms)
  • Septic tank with phosphate removal system
  • Septic tank with UV lamp
  • Repair and/or installation of your septic field

Vallex Excavation will recommend the best septic system based on your needs and the restrictions of your land, while complying with municipal and government regulations.

  • Primary septic system with one tank and standard drain field
  • Advanced secondary septic system with two tanks and one leaching field
  • Third-party septic system with two tanks, UV lamp and no leaching field
Installation fosse septique et champ d'épuration
excavation laval par vallex excavation

Septic system planning and project management

Vallex Excavation has taken on hundreds of residential and industrial septic installation projects. Opt for hassle-free project management and let the experts handle your septic installation.

We’re with you every step of the way:

  1. Recommendation of the septic system to be installed, based on site dimensions and characteristics
  2. Soil sampling and analysis
  3. Design of septic tank and drainfield plans
  4. Building permit issued by your municipality
  5. Excavation and installation of your septic tank and drain field
  6. Inspection by an engineer and/or technologist
  7. Approval of septic system compliance by your municipality
  8. Backfilling and levelling of the site

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At Vallex, we offer septic tank and drainfield installation services for residential and commercial projects. Our solutions ensure efficient, environmentally-friendly wastewater treatment, even in areas without access to municipal sewer systems.

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