Residential and Commercial Excavation

Building excavation represents up to 20% of the total cost of a project. Vallex Excavation leaves nothing to chance, and makes sure to offer you personalized service while complying with industry rules and standards. We don’t just dig! We know how important your property is, and we’ll make sure your property is left in pristine condition at the end of the job;

When it’s time to excavate, choose professionals for quality service and a job well done.

Following a quote request, we will contact you within 24-48 hours on business days. Following your approval, we are usually available within a few days or sometimes a few weeks, depending on the season. We understand that excavation is the first step in your construction project, and we’ll do our utmost to get the job done on time.

Most of the time, residential excavation of a standard-sized building takes less than a day. Then, depending on the size of the building and the height of the concrete foundation, it can vary.

Over the years, we have acquired several heavy equipment and high-performance machinery to improve the quality of our work. Vallex Excavation owns mechanical shovels from 2 to 40 tons for small and large jobs, a mechanical roller, a tracked loader, state-of-the-art GPS for greater precision, as well as dompeurs and dump trucks.

Residential and commercial foundation excavation

Whether you’re expanding an existing building or preparing a new one, our team of experts at Vallex Excavation will take care of excavating and preparing your site for the installation of concrete foundations and all related work.

  • Residential and commercial excavation
  • Excavation for multiplex and multi-unit foundations
  • Site preparation for concrete foundations
  • Backfilling after foundations
  • Site levelling
démolition béton fiable et professionnel par Vallex excavation

Concrete and rock demolition

Our 40-ton excavator and jackhammer enable us to take on major demolition jobs.

  • Demolition of commercial and residential buildings
  • Demolition of multiplex and multi-unit buildings
  • Rock breaking

French drain

Whether you’re installing a French drain on a new building or repairing an existing one, Vallex Excavation can help you with your projects.

  • French drain excavation and installation
  • Repair of existing French drain
  • Cleaning chimney
Pose ou remplacement de drain français

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At Vallex, we offer high-quality excavation services for residential and commercial projects. Whether you’re planning new construction, renovation or earthworks, our experienced team is ready to meet your needs with efficiency and precision.

Commercial & Residential Excavation

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Commercial & Residential Excavation

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