Septic tank
and leaching field

We are a specialized company in water treatment. Proper septic installation is quite essential for the proper functioning of any building. If there’s no municipal sewer system in your area, it’s mandatory to have a septic system that works perfectly.

This system consists of one or more reservoirs made to store water and organic waste, as well as a purification field that filter the water to the natural terrain. We have all the certifications required from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec for every job related to wastewater treatment. We are also accredited for advanced secondary system technologies such as Ecoflo, Bionest, Enviro-Septic and Hydro-Kinetic.

Residential septic systems are the most common; however, we also offer the commercial installation service. We take care of the construction or reconstruction of a septic system from A to Z, whether it is an installation that requires a specialized or conventional system.

Septic system

When our team of experts is doing a septic system replacement or reconstruction job, the first step in achieving a project meeting current municipal standards and requirements is to design plans and take samples directly from your facility ground.

For this kind of work, we need to call a design firm for plans and quotes. The personnel assigned to your project will visit your land in addition to performing several analyzes such as the study of the soil type, the height of the water table, the required septic installation dimensions, the quantities of allocated land, etc… You must then submit these analyzes to your municipality to have the plans approved. Once approved, quotes are given to the excavator for the execution of the work.

The government standards in terms of water treatment are very high and the municipalities put a lot of emphasis on the proper functioning of their septic systems. That’s why we strive in offering our clients an incomparable service. We provide excellent plans and quotes that are based on your needs so you can avoid any inconvenience possible.


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